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The Sad Kitty – Creepy Tales!!




The Sad Kitty


Jenny loves Halloween and was super excited about wearing her cute kitty costume to some rocking parties.


She also loves her contact lenses but recently she’s gotten lazy with them. She stopped rubbing them clean at night and keeping track of when to change to a new pair. She even has been sleeping with them in a few nights every week.


Two days before Halloween she woke up with a sore red light sensitive eye. She went to an urgent care doctor who sent her to the Eye Scare Center where she found out she has a corneal ulcer and has to put eye drops in every hour and can’t wear her contact lenses for two weeks.


Worst of all, she will miss all the Halloween parties and nobody will see her cool costume!


OH, The Horror!




photo credit: Send me adrift. how painful it is via photopin (license)

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