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Frugal Frank

dafsdf-minFrank is a big guy and he has a big head so he has trouble finding glasses that fit well.  Frank also likes a bargain so after he got his prescription at the Eye Scare Center of Leesburg he ordered glasses online. 

He used the online measuring guides to pick the size frame he needed and even to position the reading zone for his multifocal lenses.

He was excited when he got his new glasses even though they kind of squeezed his head and made the backs of his ears sore.

After using them the first day at work he felt kind of queasy and it was difficult to keep his computer screen in focus. 

He emailed the website and they quickly responded – they told him it sometimes takes a week or tow to adjust to new glasses and to keep using them.

He wore them all day at work on October 31 and came home with a splitting headache in his oversized head.

Now he’s lying on the couch with an icepack on his head and missing out on trick or treating with his kids!

Soooo Tragic!

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